2018 Lean Turkey: Lifestyle Design

Our annual Lean Turkey Lifestyle Design six week challenge is a catalyst to making a lasting and impactful change in your life. We will keep you accountable in key areas of health and wellness – fitness, nutrition, stress management, and recovery. We set goals, develop healthy – lasting –  habits, take on challenges and get RESULTS!

It is strategically placed to kick off in the beginning of fall and lead us straight into holiday season – fit and feeling amazing

What can happen in 6 week? Everything. 
Check out a handful of the results from the 2017 Lean Turkey Challenge!

Albert lost 13.55

Caroline lost 17.4 lbs. and gained the tools needed to continuously lead a healthy lifestyle!

Lati lost 12.5 lbs.

John lost 2.6% body fat

Omar gained 2.5 lbs. of lean muscle and was at the leanest he had been in TEN years

Steve lost 8.7 inches

Denai hit a 20 lb. deadlift PR

Goal Setting
Accountability Coach
Pre and Post Body Metrics using Inbody
Nutrition Education
Team Pot Luck
Weekly Challenges
Two Team Workouts
Fire and Ice Session
Finale Celebratory Team Workout

Lean Turkey: Lifestyle Design
October 8th – November 17th
November 17th: Finale Celebratory Team Workout
Open to 36 Burnet Athletes & 36 Downtown Athletes
Price: $179
CrossFit Central Burnet Road: REGISTER 24 Spots Left
CrossFit Central Downtown: REGISTER 33 Spots Left


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