Central Athlete


Central Athlete is Austin, Texas’ premiere individualized Strength and Conditioning entity offering the most effective results-oriented approach.

We offer Remote, On-Site and One-on-One Training using the latest and most effective strength and conditioning tools. We take an individualized approach to training and nutrition, and strive to provide every client with a comprehensive, data-driven, holistic program, with measurable results.

In order to provide clients with the training and nutrition program that works best for them, we take each individual’s lifestyle, nutrition, fitness interests, personal goals, and overall well-being into careful consideration.

Whether the athlete is working out on his or her own, alongside a coach, or on-site in our gym, our number one objective is to help client’s reach their personal goals, while developing long-lasting habits, such as consistency and mindfulness, and keeping them safe and healthy on their journey.


Reach your training and health goals with a coach who creates a customized program for you.

Whether your goals are to compete in sport or fitness, improve your health, keep up with your kids, or simply feel and look better…Individual Program Design through Central Athlete’s Remote Coaching Services will help you get there—no matter where you live or what your schedule is like.

Individualized Fitness in a Connected Community Environment

Live in Austin? Looking for a training community? Enjoy group fitness or CrossFit classes but desire fitness with a more individualized feel and better results?

Central Athlete’s On-Site Training Option allows you access to a gym community where you can come get a great workout in, work towards your personal goals, while at the same time, being part of a supportive, like-minded community.

Off-Site and At-Home Training

Prefer to train at home? Wish a coach would come to you? Want a program to help you take the guesswork out of what to do other than videos or the same ol’ routines?

Central Athlete offers in-home training services for clients in the Austin area who are looking for an individualized program tailored to their goals and implemented in the comfort of their own home.