Meagan Elferink


Meagan has been active her entire life. She was a soccer player and gymnast by kindergarten and proceeded to play competitive soccer to the collegiate level. Meagan has a overarching love for the outdoors and the joys that come with it; hiking, camping, surfing, skateboarding. Meagan moved to Austin, TX in 2012 to pursue school at the University of Texas and, since then, has never left. Meagan has a inherent love for fitness and the limitless joy it has brought to her life, and what she hopes to be many others. Meagan originally started as a client at CrossFit Central and proceeded to develop a great fondness for the sport. Two years later Meagan advanced on to get her CrossFit L1 Certification, she is now an active coach with the intention of transforming lives.

What do you love about CrossFit?
What I love most about CrossFit is the opportunity to push yourself out of your comfort zones and as a result better yourself daily.

Favorite CrossFit Movement?
Favorite CrossFit movement – anything gymnastics, especially handstands.

Favorite go to meal?
Favorite go-to meal; baked salmon and veggies.

When you’re not coaching, what are you up to?
Spending time outside with a good book or cuddling with my dogs.

Hype Jam?
Journey, anything Journey.

Favorite Book?
Favorite book is, “Brain on Fire”, by Susannah Calahan.

Favorite Quote?
Favorite quote, “grow through what you go through”.