Corporate Wellness


Recent statistics show that companies that implement “corporate wellness programs have decreased absenteeism, reduced health care expenses and increased productivity among employees.” PLUS this is a powerful way to boost company morale, further develop personal relationships and can be essential in team building.

“It was a whole new way of people relating to each other. It really was probably the best thing I ever did for morale in nearly 25 years of being in business.” Sherry Matthews, president of Sherry Matthews Advocacy Marketing.

Included in CrossFit Central Corporate Wellness:

• Weekly Workouts at Designated Times
• Body Comps
• Nutrition Education
• Semi-Annual Challenges

We also offer Corporate Wellness Partnerships to companies around the city. The package includes the following:

• “Lunch & Learn” – 30 minute presentation on nutrition and
water onsite at company
• Complimentary week of boot camp hosted onsite if permitted
• Complimentary week of class at CrossFit Central
• Company highlights on social media platform
• 30% corporate discount to facilities and boot camps

Our corporate wellness programs are 45 minutes to an hour, depending on what your company is looking for. We incorporate various equipment including Dynamax med balls, run ladders, cones, kettlebells, dumbbells and resistant bands.

If you’re interested in bringing fitness and wellness to your employees, contact Amy Jones at


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