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The greatest wealth is health.


With the continued rise in heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and cancer in our modern society, not to mention every day stress, dissatisfaction, and fatigue many people battle on daily basis, health and wellness are luxuries that many Americans are missing out on. And, health and wellness are rights that we at CrossFit Central believe everyone should have—particularly in the workplace.


Check out these statistics.


  • Nearly 26 million Americans have diabetes, and an additional 79 million Americans have pre-diabetes. At the rate our country is headed, as many as 1 in 3 American adults will be diagnosed with diabetes by 2050.


  • According to the CDC, chronic diseases account for 75 percent of total healthcare costs. (They are also the most preventable type of disease)


  • Unscheduled absenteeism is a chronic problem for U.S. employers, conservatively costing $3,600 per hourly employee per year, and $2,650 per salaried employee per year1


  • In a recent study reported by Forbes magazine, nearly 2/3 of respondents (411 workers) said they were not happy at work


  • According to National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), 40% of all workers today feel overworked, pressured and squeezed to the point of anxiety, depression and disease.


While some of these may be startling (or, not shocking at all, if you can relate), these statistics are preventable.


In fact, on the flip side, Forbes also reported that the happiest employees in the U.S. credit their bliss to first-rate employee incentives, ample benefits, career advancement programs and great work-life balance. And, not only that, a company gains an average of $5.81 for every $1 invested in health-management programs (more than $500 per employee saved every year).


One answer?


Corporate Wellness.


That is what CrossFit Central’s Corporate Wellness program is all about—empowering employees and America’s workforce to be healthier, happier, more productive, balanced and all-around, well, individuals. We do this not only through CrossFit, a functional fitness program for people of all ages, sizes, shapes and abilities, but also through a holistic program aimed at enhancing quality of life for employees in the workplace.


“Corporate wellness programs” is a buzz-phrase that seems to be thrown around a lot nowadays.


But what is it, really?


Our corporate wellness program is an employee-incentive program that focuses on helping employees with things such as:


  • Incorporating work-life balance into their daily lives


  • Becoming more productive in the workplace through quality (not necessarily quantity) hours spent on the jobsite (ie. Working less but doing more), as well as decreased absenteeism


  • Engaging in fitness that is fun and enjoyable, with the added benefits of accountability and community


  • Learning and practicing stress management techniques


  • Receiving nutrition education and guidance


  • Setting (and achieving) both personal and professional goals


  • Addressing lifestyle factors that are counterproductive to one’s health and quality of life


  • Fostering social relationships and a friendly atmosphere in the workplace, and one’s personal life


  • Enhancing the environment to be one that employees look forward to being in, not dreading a long work day


  • Preventing illness and chronic conditions, such as diabetes, obesity, cancer and other diseases


  • Educating on body mechanics, posture, stability and mobility to improve body aches and pains


  • Most importantly, providing a direct resource for engagement in meaningful occupations in life—both inside and outside the workplace


Sound too good to be true?


Our current Corporate Wellness clients in Austin would tell you otherwise.


“I’ve never had a job that offered free classes to it’s employees… and I feel so fortunate to work for a company that offers a well rounded corporate wellness program… not only have our Tuesday bootcamps been a good motivator to get out from your desk, but it’s been really fun seeing co-workers outside the office, and gives us all a new bonding experience to talk about (versus work all the time),”said Anne from RetailMeNot.


Her co-worker, Eliza, echoes a similar view.


“I love trying new workout programs and CrossFit Central’s Corporate Wellness classes allow me to take a proactive approach to my health. Not only do the classes help me stay fit, but they are lots of fun! Our coach clearly has a lot of experience in different fitness programs which helps to keep the class dynamic and adaptable for all levels,” Eliza said.


Clients from Dimensional, an investment firm in Austin, say Corporate Wellness has been a win-win—both for themselves and the company they work for.


“Not only has it increased my physical strength and made me more conscious of my overall health, but having the bootcamp as a part of our corporate wellness program has also helped develop a sense of team and community among those of us that attend,” Karen said.


“Working out at the same place that I work with co-workers is a scary thought.  What if I get out there and can’t keep up?  What will other co-workers think?  Or what if it’s just plain awkward?  What if, what if, what if…?  These and others are thoughts most of us have had when we first considered going to the boot camp program provided by our company.  However, after mustering up the courage to give it a try, I was pleasantly surprised with the experience: The program, offers a personalized approach that is effective, challenging—no matter what fitness level—and never boring. Our group quickly became acquainted and turned into a team that encourages each other,” said Brent.


Along with RetailMeNot and Dimensional, currently some of our other clients include:


As a leader in Corporate-Wellness here in the heart of Austin, Texas, we can customize programs that fit with your corporate model.


Corporate Wellness can occur both on and off the job site and are completely client-centered, in that we personalize and tailor our program to best meet you and your company’s needs. We work with both big and small companies and like to get to know each employee as an individual, not just the ‘next client.’


Our great team of coaches can come to you to lead daily, or weekly, bootcamps; along with group lunch and learns, nutrition education, body compositions, lifestyle redesign consultations, ergonomic assessments, stress and time management skills, and more. In addition, we also are currently offering a pilot program to five companies who contact us at 30% off the original price. Companies throughout Austin are invited to sign up for a plan that works for them—either us bringing a program to you, or your company coming to one of our two area gym locations at a time that is convenient for individuals (6205 Burnet Rd. and 702 E. 3rd St.). Classtimes meet several times throughout the week and will allow employees to enhance their personal fitness, strength, and join an amazingly supportive community.


For more information, and to customize a Corporate Wellness Program that works for your workplace, contact Megan Parsons at


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