CrossFit Central Downtown Announcement

CrossFit Central Downtown is moving!

Exciting things are happening at CrossFit Central Downtown and we want to share some important news with you! CrossFit Central Downtown is upgrading to a new facility, just two miles from our current location!

It is with great pleasure we announce that on December 4, 2017 we will open the doors to our new location, 410 Pressler Street! This 12,000 square foot facility is home to a couple of incredible, local Austin fitness companies, Rogue Running and RunLab, and we are proud to partner with them and bring CrossFit to West 5th street. The CrossFit Central Downtown footprint is 4,500 square feet inside this 12,000 sq. ft building! This facility will be the leader in Austin fitness!

Upgrades in the New Facility

  • 4,500 Square Feet
  • Air Controlled Facility
    That’s right! Heat in the winter and AC in the summer.
  • Updated Restrooms
    The facility is complete with updated men’s and women’s locker rooms. Each locker room has 3 showers.
  • Equipment Upgrade!
    We will be adding new rowers, assault bikes and upgrading all of our equipment in the new facility
  • Roll Up Garage Bay
    Keeping true to our roots, the gym will maintain an old school garage gym feel.
  • Outdoor Training Space
    Our outdoor training space will be very similar to our current set up, complete with turf, a rig, sleds and our Fire and Ice Recovery Training set up.
  • Two Miles!

Our new location is only two miles from our current location. Plus, it’s walking distance to Whole Foods, Tacos and Tequila and one mile to the LadyBird Lake trailhead!

During the last week of November we will continue classes as normal in our current location (702 East 3rd Street). On Monday, December 4th we will begin classes at our new home, 410 Pressler Street.

If you have any questions or concerns please email us directly at, call us at 512-507-6450 or stop by the front desk to check out photos of the new space!

– Jeremy Thiel and the CrossFit Central Team


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