The Crossfit Open has finally arrived! 14.1 is done and in the books, personally I am so relieved 14.1 is over with to get all the first time jitters and nerves out. Now, its time to go to work! The crossfit open is 5 weeks long, 1 workout a week, with 4 days to perform and submit the workout. INTENSE!

This will be my 2nd crossfit open, both at Crossfit Central. Last year, I was VERY VERY new to crossfit and went out on a limb and did the open to see where I stood and to evaluate my weaknesses and strengths…and it sure got the job done. Opened my eyes to the sport of crossfit and how hard, dedicated and committed you must be to perform at this elite level. This year, I am far more prepared for the open as I have been training under my coach, Michael Winchester. I feel way more confident, prepared, I am stronger, faster and I am more skilled than I was last year. Does this mean i am TOTALLY ready? NO. I have lots of work to do, and I know that but you have to start somewhere.

Being Committed- I will do WHATEVER it takes to be better. 5 week and plus some of commitment to be better. Eating right, cutting out alcohol, cutting out sweets, bad habits, staying up late, not recovering, and not putting in the extra time and effort would be a LACK of dedication on my part. All of those little things make up the big picture–and that big picture is what I’m chasing!

I want to wish everyone good luck during the open and just a reminder to stay dedicated! Hard work does pay off, you get what you put into it. How dedicated are you?

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