If only it was as easy as the internet…

The world we live in today is all about fast pace, instant results, and immediate gratification. So thank you technology for letting us think that everything will come and go as easy as a text message.

Fitness, unfortunately, doesn’t work at quite the same tempo. Goals aren’t met after the first workout. Clothes don’t feel looser after that one run you went on that one time, and you can’t get six pack abs by doing one set of 25 sit-ups. Since we cannot get what we want instantly out of exercise and eating healthy, most of us tend to give up. Not only do people give up physically, they give up mentally.

Exercise is uncomfortable, tough, and tries to break you. Getting to the next level with your exercise goals takes not only consistency, but the mental toughness to push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

First step? Find yourself a partner in crime. Someone that can hold you accountable for being consistant and showing up to workouts even on they days you don’t want to move. I have been fortunate enough to find Ms. Showout Meg Parsons to keep me on track …literally on the track too.

What happens when you have the showing up on lock down? Integrity happens. Just showing up isn’t going to get you to where you want to be. You have to do work! Hold yourself accountable for counting all your reps, getting full range of motion on every move, and giving every workout a 100% of what you have that day. The minute you loose integrity in a workout is the same minute you start cheating yourself. You might not realize it in that workout, or that week, or that month, but sooner than later you will watch everyone else progress without you.

My thoughts? Why waste the time to go to the workout if you aren’t even going to try.

Take home message – exercise is hard, reaching goals won’t happen overnight, find yourself a workout buddy, and hold yourself accountable by keeping integrity in every workout.

Now get after it!

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