CrossFit Open Begins

February 23, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm


The Open is the first step for top athletes in the world to qualify for The CrossFit Games. But it’s also so much more.

It is the largest worldwide CrossFit community event. It is a yearly check in to see how far our fitness has come. And for CrossFit Central, it is a fun way to come together and take on a competition as a community.

Each week we will have sponsors for that week’s Open workout. The top RX man and woman from both CC Burnet and CC Downtown will win a prize! PLUS – when you register for the Open you will receive a CrossFit Central shirt!
The CrossFit Open: February 23rd – March 27th

Cost: $20

How to Register

  • Register Here
  • Create a profile or log into your existing profile
  • For CrossFit Central Burnet Athletes – select CrossFit Central
  • For CrossFit Central Downtown Athletes – select CrossFit Central Downtown
Sponsors – Coming Soon!
Week One
Week Two
Week Three
Week Four
Week Five
  • Every Friday – all CrossFit Central classes will take on the Open workout
  • Every Friday @ 1pm the CrossFit Central Team and Coaches will take on the Open workout -> come cheer them on!
  • Saturdays at 8am we will hold the Open workout at CrossFit Central Downtown
  • Mondays – Scores are due by 5pm PT
This division is for those of you who will do at least 80% of the workouts using the scaled version. This division is for those people that do not have a gymnastics without the help of a band or modification. Typically do less then the RX weight in workouts and is looking to enjoy the community process of the Open.
This division is for those of you who will do doing 80% of the workouts using the RX version. You have pull ups, toes to bar, but may not yet have a muscle up. You can usually do most workouts prescribed with RX weight.
This division if for those of you who have been CrossFitting for some time and want to be competitive in it. All workouts you do for the Open will be all RX versions. You have all gymnastics down and the RX is not a problem. I see all Advanced Athletes and those of you that want to be super competitive from CoED classes in this group.

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