Lifestyle Nutrition: The Foundation with Lisa Bender Thiel

August 19, 2018 @ 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm
If you are committed to class but have not yet committed to a nutrition program you’re “paddling the boat with one oar in the water” as CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman says!
Nutrition is the foundation of how you feel, perform, and look — it is a lifestyle. Understanding a few basics and making them a habit is the key to meeting your goals in and out of the gym! Whether you are new to CrossFit Central, a valued member ready to clean up their diet, or an athlete looking to take your performance to the next level -> this is for you!


Included in this 75 minute lifestyle nutrition session:
  • The basics of nutrition, including how to balance and why it is important to balance macronutritients (fat/protein/carbs) to feel your best and meet your goals.
  • How to make healthy nutrition a lifestyle and a habit that you enjoy
  • Personalized grocery list
  • Personalized timeline for meals and snacks based on your life
  • Introduction to key micronutrients to optimize your health and performance

Lifestyle Nutrition: The Foundation with Lisa Bender Thiel
Sunday, August 19th
3:30pm @ CrossFit Central Downtown
Open to all CrossFit Central athletes, but limited to only 10 people!
Cost: Included in your CrossFit Central Membership, RSVP required
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The system is simple, effective and results driven without weighing, measuring, or calorie counting. This is truly a lifestyle approach to nutrition!
About Lisa
Coach Lisa Bender Thiel lives by her mantra “YES, I Can! YES, You Can!” Lisa has fully overcome two eating disorders, earned thrived as a competitive athlete, is happily married to CrossFit Central founder Jeremy Thiel, and is a mother to a 2 and 5 year old! She embodies the “can do” spirit and desires to share this with the community. Lisa has a talent for helping others discover that they can achieve their dreams and overcome any obstacle!A CrossFit Central coach since 2009, Bender Thiel currently coaches CrossFit Central Downtown’s Women’s Only classes, and enjoys small group and private training. In addition, Bender Thiel hosts Nutrition Workshops for anyone interested in learning the tools she has used over the years to succeed.
Her determination and drive to meet her goals rubs off on everyone who works with Lisa.

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