Flex Friday

CrossFit Central Burnet – CrossFit Burnet Rd

A1: D – Ball over shoulder (4-6 reps)

W-40#/60# M-80#
*Superset with A2

A2: In and outs (12 reps – Forward & back = 1)

use the parallettes to kick forward and back for one rep

B: Metcon (Time)

400m run

40 Russian twist 20/14 R/L=1

300m run

30 Russian twist 20/14 R/L=1

200m run

20 Russian twist 20/14 R/L=1

Cash OUT

C: Cash Out #3 (Time)

1) 3 x 15 BB curls

2) 3 x 10 sec L sit hold from pull up bar


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