Flex Friday

CrossFit Central Burnet – CrossFit Burnet Rd


A1: DB Bench Press (4 x 5 *AHAP)

*use a bench or a heavy medball
*superset with A2

**12min to complete all reps

A2: Suitcase Carry (50ft down and back with BB 65/45)

*4sets superset with A1


B: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Teams of 3

One person must always be rowing.

score is max reps with max distance on rower.

14min AMRAP

While one athlete is rowing, the other athletes will be collecting reps.


200 push press 65/45

200 Russian Twist 20/14

200 step ups 20″

200 med ball passes 6′ distance from one another

trade out on rower as needed. while one athlete works the other is resting.
*note distance in note section.


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