Garage Gym Throwdown Workouts

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Event One: Streaker
Time Cap: 12 Minutes

All athletes run 4 stories
Then 2 athletes complete
30 Thrusters 135 l 95 (Scaled: 95 | 65)
The other two athletes complete
60 Burpees

Athletes will switch movements until all reps are complete, then proceed to complete the other movement in full repetition. Then call time.

All athletes start on the bottom floor in designated lane. On the count of 3.. 2…1 Go they all sprint up the 4 ramps. Athletes will run to designated lane matching the number on the 1st floor. Once all 4 athletes arrive 2 athletes will perform 60 burpees the other 2 athletes will perform 30 Thrusters 135 l 95. Repetitions will be shared equally. Once athletes complete the 1st movement they will switch movements. After the athletes complete the required reps they will be complete with the event and call time.

Event Two: Team Relay
Time Cap: 12 Minutes

Sled Drag 80ft 1 Plate | No plate
15 Sandbag to Shoulder 90 l 60 (Scaled: 60 | 40)
30 American Kettlebell Swings 74 l 54 (Scaled: 54 l 35)
Each athlete performs one time through

Team starts all together athlete one starts w sled drag 40 ft down and back. Completes 15 sand bags to shoulder. Completes 30 Americans KB Swings then tags athlete two. Sled drag plate change will happen w male and female transitions. Once all athletes relay 1 time through time will be called.

Event Three: Dumbbell Synchro Crucible
Time Cap: 12 Minutes

50 lbs | 35 lbs (Scaled: 35lbs. |25 lbs.)
1st Floor: 100 Synchro Power Snatches
2nd Floor: 100 Synchro Thrusters
3rd Floor: 100 Synchro Power Cleans
4th Floor: 100 Synchro Overhead Squats

Athletes will start on the 1st floor in their marked station. Each team will have a dumbbell (50 lbs. male or 35 lbs. female). On the count of 3 2 1 Go. Female Athlete One and Male Athlete One will begin snatching load, synchro the overhead position in lock out at the same time. Male athlete One and Female Athlete One must complete all 25 reps equaling 50 total reps. Male Athlete Two and Female Athlete Two will then synchro 25 reps totaling 100 reps. After all reps are complete they will go to the second floor to their designated station, then proceed to complete 100 reps so on a so forth until they reach the top floor.

FINALE EVENT: The top 5 teams will advance to the Final Event

*We reserve the right to modify or change workouts due to athlete safety. If any changes are made athletes will be notified immediately.


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