Gritness 100

My fellow goddess/workout buddy/coaching friend/partner-in-crime, LUCY, took on the Gritness 100 with me this past Sunday. The event consisted of a 100yd sprint and then proceeded through 10 different exercises at 100 reps each at every 10 yards down the field.

The Workout:
100yd sprint with partner
100 box jumps on 20″ box
100 russian swings with 12kg
100 air squats
100 pushups
100 jumping jacks
100 lunges
100 med ball situps with 6lb ball
10 x 10yd sprints–> both partners working simultaneously
100 second high plank/ 100 second low plank–> both partners working simultaneously
100 burpees
100yd sprint back to the start

Lucy Megan Parsons-300x300The reps were split up between partners as we saw fit. I must admit that I will never look at a 100 second high plank followed by a 100 second low plank the same ever again. My abs are still sore! Then again that could also be from all the med ball situps, and the array of everything else we did.

Lucy and I ended up in 2nd place in the Elite Women’s division and brought home some cash money for a prize. Woot! What I learned this weekend is how fun and important it is to try new things. Meet new people. Step out of the box. Share and be a part of fitness within Austin.

What are you doing outside the box to expand your horizons? I challenge you to make it a priority this month and meet someone new and try something different.

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