HSPU Progression II: Leg Motion

In HSPU Progression I, we discussed the tripod. The next progression is getting comfortable with the leg motion of the kipping handstand pushup while holding a headstand. You can practice the leg motion free standing or resting your hips on the wall.

Make sure you focus on the tripod steps to get set up properly. From the tripod, extend the legs into a headstand.
Be sure you maintain your hollow body position to create connectedness trough the core.
Squeeze  the legs together and point the toes.
Pull the knees into the chest and extend.
Feel the hips tuck under and extend.
Repeat 3-5 reps and then step down.
Complete 3-5 sets until the movement is perfected and you cannot fail!

REMINDER: Perfect the tripod and the headstand before moving onto the kipping leg motion.


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