HSPU Progression I: Tripod


The tripod position is the most efficient and safest upside-down pressing position. Think about a push press with the barbell. Where is your set up? Hands are outside the shoulders and slightly in front of the body and head is behind the bar. This is the same position we want to be in at the bottom of the handstand pushup!
The tripod should be mastered before moving onto more advanced inverted skills (i.e. headstand, handstand, etc). This position will also help you get comfortable upside-down.
Set Up
Hands are shoulder width
Head goes 6″ to 1′ in front of the hands
This creates a triangle between the head and the hands
Straighten your legs and walk them as close to your hands as possible
Place each knee directly on top of each tricep
Hips should be stacked over the shoulders
Weight is evenly distributed between the head and the hands
Core is engaged and legs should feel weightless

Focus on every step of the set up
Perform 5 reps holding each for 3-5 seconds
Practice 3-4x/week until you cannot fail!



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