Love and Fear


by Teo Ledesma

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear; for fear has to do
with punishment, and whoever fears has not reached perfection in love. – 1
John 4:18

We can get into some deep conversations about Love and Fear, and you can go into some deep rabbit holes filled with scientific studies and fancy data. But can we measure these two things? Can we say how much is good and how much is bad? Can we write down a prescription for love development and fear? I’ll leave that up to you. Here is my way of thinking about these. I like to think of Love and Fear as the some of the biggest drivers of all human actions.

Love: Love is amazing it drives you to the deepest areas and fills the heart with
sparkles and the mind with ecstasy. When you are in love colors are brighter, feelings are stronger and life just seems to always go your way, with the sunshine at the right angle every time.

Fear: Fear is debilitating. Fear can also drive you to the deepest and darkest areas; it will make your heart accelerate and the mind confused. We have fear programmed into us as a safety mechanism but in today’s society fear is the killer of most things like ideas, ambition, and the body.

When I pictured love I always think of the movies The Notebook and Titanic. But is love only romantic? I now look at love differently. Think of love as a driver, a driver of energy and a driver of passion. I know you say you love this and love that, but do you really love it? The reason I ask is because when you love you tend to do everything in your power to make it yours or to dig so deep your nails fall off. The power of love sees no limits. And as you can see in our world amazing things were done for love; some great, some not so great but both through the deepest love.

I cannot teach you to love, but I can teach you to take your time and be mindful. Take in the sunrise and the beauty it brings to everyday and take in the sunsets and the finishing touch it leaves us with. Taste every bite of every spoonful, feel every blade of grass of every step. That’s where I believe love starts. Enjoying the smallest things that lead you to dig for the biggest thing you’ve only dreamed of.

Now fear, when I picture fear I picture a Friday the 13th movie and a college girl running through the woods getting chased by a man who only walks. But fear is much deeper than just running from a walking man with a sharp object and a scary mask. Fear is created and manifested in your mind by you and only you. You wrap negative past experiences and roll them into the future to scare even the people around you. I cannot teach you to not be afraid but what I can teach you is that love casts out fear.

Love will get you to feel more. Be more mindful and look at situations deeper than what they appear to be, don’t let others or past experience dictate your future choices. Yes, it’s ok to consider them but don’t let them pull you into the dark world of regret.

Love and Fear: Opposites some may say. One can bring tremendous joy to your life, the other can bring tremendous terror and heartbreak. At the end of the day they are both your choice.


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