Should My Child CrossFit?


by Anthony Brown

If you are a parent, you may ask yourself if CrossFit is a good program for your child and if it’s safe.

Safety is, and should be, one of every parent’s chief concerns when it comes to choosing activities for their kids to be involved in. Is CrossFit safe for kids? Does my child even need a training program, and if so, why CrossFit? How might CrossFit benefit my child’s overall health and wellness? All valid questions that I hope to answer in this article. So let’s get started, shall we?

Is CrossFit safe for kids? Any training program, CrossFit or otherwise, is going to have it’s risks. Unfortunately, no training program is 100% safe. However, a smart training program, one that utilizes light weights and focuses on proper technique, can have incredible effects on a child’s health and well-being while limiting their chance of injury inside and outside of the gym. I would argue that increased physical activity can provide health benefits to anyone, regardless of age, as long as the activities are appropriate and are tailored to the individuals needs and goals.

Does my child need a training program? Eating healthy and staying active are vital to a growing mind and body. Whether we like it or not, obesity is an epidemic in our country. The typical American diet is full of sugary and unhealthy foods, which means more calories taken in through our diets. At the same time schools are cutting recess and physical education programs left and right, which means less physical activity throughout the day. Less physical activity means equals less calories burned. So when you look at these two realities, less calories being burned and more calories taken in, it’s not surprising to see why many Americans are dealing with the ill effects of obesity, even at a young age. While this may or may not apply to your children, it is something to keep in mind when deciding what activities your child should participate in.

Looking down the road, it becomes even more important to instill these habits in your kids at a young age. Your children will eventually grow up and become adults, adults who will need to stay active in order to be healthy. This will probably include a gym membership at some point. Wouldn’t it be great for them learn how to exercise while they’re young, instead of picking it up later in life when they have a job, kids, ect.? This way you can keep them healthy and active now while also lowering their risk of obesity later in life! That’s a win, win if you ask me.

How might CrossFit benefit my child’s health and wellness? CrossFit, at it’s core, is all about functionality. Sitting down in your chair is essentially performing a squat. Picking up your laundry basket off the ground is performing a deadlift. Putting items on a high shelf is performing a shoulder press. We do these in class because they are natural human movements. CrossFit or any other type of weight training, when done correctly, is a tool that we can use to help us do what we do without as high of a risk of injury. Learning proper deadlift form at a young age can help avoid chronic back pain when you’re child is all grown up. Learning how to squat with great technique may help your child avoid knee surgery when they’re older. As someone who’s dealt with both, I know personally why it’s a great idea to try to avoid them as best you can.

This goes double for kids involved in athletics. If your kids are in sports after a certain age they will be weight training. And unless their coach has a background in strength and conditioning, that coach may not know how to properly teach these movements to your child or choose appropriate weights for them to lift. It wasn’t until college that I finally learned sound lifting technique, and unfortunately by that time most of the damage had been done. I believe that if I had learned how to lift properly when I was young, maybe then I could’ve avoided all that time rehabbing injuries in the Athletic Training room throughout my athletic career.

CrossFit Kids is dedicated to giving kids the opportunity to excel in their fitness and skill level. Whether your young athlete is a beginner to a fitness program or a highly skilled sport specific athlete. This training program focuses on teaching core fundamental movements to develop the athlete’s overall ability to move and function in various active environments. CrossFit Kids is for girls and boys of all fitness levels and capabilities ages 5 to 18 years old and is designed to promote fun fitness through games, challenges, and relays. This training protocol is for young individuals seeking a high quality functional fitness program.

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