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What makes a great team?

Some people say a team is only as strong as its weakest link. Others say that a team is the average of its athletes. I would like to think that defining a team is not always so simple or cut-and-dry.

A team is not only made up of the “best” athletes, but also the “right” athletes. At some point, being good is not good enough. You have to be great. But even being great is sometimes not enough. There are elements of trust and respect that go far beyond ability.

Army Ranger battalions are made up of some of the baddest motherfuckers to ever walk the planet. Men that are capable of dismantling you with their bare hands and not ever blinking. After the long and arduous process of qualification, all of the candidates are made to fill out a questionnaire. At the end of this questionnaire, there is a section where the men grade and rank all of their fellow candidates. One of the final questions goes something like this: “Would you place your life on the line for ________ (candidate’s name) and would you place your life in the hands of _______ (candidate’s name).”

Essentially, what they are asking is do you trust, honor and respect the man to your right and left? If a man is rated an excellent Ranger, but none of the men like, honor, trust or respect him  – then he is not fit to serve in that battalion. It’s not a question of skill, courage or capability. It’s a question of brotherhood.

There are many implied factors that go into earning this status among your teammates – your group – your brothers and sisters. You must participate in a shared sacrifice that goes beyond the weight room. It goes beyond training and surpasses the confines of the program you train in. There is a process of development, failure, success and learning that must take place to solidify a group of individuals to become more than just that – individuals.

Becoming a Team is not easy. You cannot force teamwork or team development. You can’t simply “ask” for it. If it was that easy… well it would be easy and I would not be writing this. Becoming a Team can be a short or a long process, depending on the people involved and the situations they pass through.

I would like to think a great Team is made up not only of the best athletes, but also the right ones. That they are great movers, lifters and CFers – but are also great people who are willing to put the good of the group before their own personal gain. They have to be strong, fast and skillful, but also passionate, supportive and empathetic.

—Coach Michael Winchester 

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