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When SXSW rolls around our city lights up with artists, speakers, and producers. In honor of SXSW Music we asked the coaches what they’re listening to. More specifically, what they listen to while training. The answers were diverse spanning all genres from reggae to Taylor Swift. See what music is moving the CC crew below.

Teo Ledesma
Turnpike Troubadours, Coldplay, Lindsey Sterling

Jess Powers
Taylor Swift, Madonna, Linkin Park all day errday

Zachary Thiel
90’s rap Bone Thugs etc, P.O.D, and Texas Country like the Josh Abbott Band

Richie Griffin
Reggae for lifting, anything from Bob Marley to eek-A-Mouse. When I’m doing some CrossFit conditioning I like Rick Ross and Danny Brown type of hip hop. Creativly ignorant lyrics and sick beats! When I’m running it’s Steve Aoki radio on Spotify every time! High tempo with catchy melodies!

Jeremy Thiel
Chain Smokers, KYGO

Chris Hartwell
Kendrick Lamar for modern, Tool for rock opera, Michael Jackson, or 80’s pop for fun

Russell Butler
Bob Marley when I’m running, “Rage Against the Machine,” and Kanye for workouts


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