The Fittest Games

Who’s ready for the 2015 Fittest Games?

Fittest Games


This year The Fittest Games will be held on January 31st and February 1st in Austin, Texas. Like years prior our mission is to guarantee an outstanding environment for athletes to compete in and spectators to enjoy!

We’re one week into the open of the Lottery. The Lottery is open to everyone, which gives the opportunity to athletes to jump in front of the line for registration into The Fittest Games. Here is everything you need to know about The Lottery: 

Lottery ˈlä-tə-rē also ˈlä-trē (as defined by the Fittest Games): An online platform in which the top athletes compete for entry into the Fittest Games.

2014 Fittest Games Lottery

Who is this for?

  • The amateur competitor who wants to gain entry into the Pro division by finishing in the top 7 men/5 women.
  • *Pre-qualied Pro Competitor seeking a guaranteed registration spot by finishing in the top 7 men/5 women.
  • The amateur competitor who would like to guarantee and amateur spot by finishing in the top 20 men/17 women/
  • The competitor who wants to see how they stack up against the community.
  • Those who cannot make it to the Fittest Games but want to test themselves against the community
  • The athlete who wants to have a little fun this fall. 


Guaranteed Spots for Divisions

*Pro: 7 Men, 5 Women (If you have not pre-qualified for the Pro division, this is your chance for entry)

Amateur: 20 Men, 17 Women Teams: 12 (limit 2 per affiliate)

Masters: (40+) Top male & female

Cost to Register for the Lottery: $25.00 → $30.00 after November 1st  at 7PM

Lottery Sign Up

Regular Registration ($25) Opens: Monday, October 6th at 12, Noon CT and Closes: Friday, October 31st at 7PM CT

Late Registration ($30)  Opens: Saturday, November 1st at 12, Noon CT and Closes: Friday, November 5th at 12, Midnight CT


WODs are released:

  • Week 1) WODs 1&2 – Tuesday, November 3rd @ 7:00 PM CT
  • Week 2) WODs 3&4 – Tuesday Nobember 11th @ 7:00 PM CT

WODs must be submitted by:

  • Week 1) WODs 1&2 – Sunday, November 9th @ 8PM CT
  • Week 2) WODs 3&4 – Sunday, November 16thth @ 8PM CT

Submission Rules

Competitors are allowed to complete the workouts as many times as desired, but only one submissionis allowed. All submissions must be received by 8:00PM CT on the designated day. No late entries will be accepted.

For an entry to be valid, all athletes submit their score via our online scoring system. If you would like to further authenticate your score you may submit a video or 4-box picture of the following:

  1. Their signed scorecard
  2. Their weights/equipment used
  3. Themselves with their witness/judge
  4. The box where the workout was performed.

Video and photo authentication is not required but encouraged. If you feel that you are going to crush a workout, video it. Why not? 

Fittest Games

This year, if you’re a Central Athlete we will be implementing The Lottery WODs into our November Class programs. However, you will still need to “register” for The Lottery if you wish to compete in The Fittest Games.

How do you register for The Fittest Games?

Last year we implemented a 3 tier registration process in order to foster a highly competitive environment at our competition. Registration will start on November 24th (Games Individuals/Teams), November 25th (Regional Individuals/Teams) and ends on November 26th (all athletes).

Fittest Games How do you help and get involved?

If you’re not competing this year we ask for your involvement! Join us as we continue to bring together and build up this community in the City of Austin. We’re seeking volunteers to rally together and help support our mission to foster an outstanding environment for athletes to compete in Austin, Texas! Let us know if you’re able to volunteer January 31st and February 1st for the 2015 Fittest Games.  [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]


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