The Phoenix Spectator Experience

This Saturday, April 18th CrossFit Central Downtown is going to be hopping with The Phoenix competition. There are over 100 athletes competing and we can expect to see over 150 spectators to come and cheer them on!

In order to make the spectator experience special we set out to bring in the best sponsors with interactive booths and great food options. Here’s what spectators can expect to find on Saturday:

1. Music. The best DJ in Austin will be mixing up the music for the athletes during the WODs. This is also one of the best things for the spectators!

2. Food. There will be a plethora of food for spectators! The Onnit food truck will be there to sell some of the best food in town. We suggest you try their smoothies! Fixed Foods is one of the 2015 Phoenix sponsors and their tasty paleo dishes are the best!

Onnit Food Truck

3. Sponsor Booths. You won’t want to miss out on meeting each of our 2015 Phoenix Sponsors. They will have booths all along the outside of the ‘brick building’ & some of their booths will be interactive and you might even WIN a prize or two!

4. WODs. You can expect to cheer on each of your competitors at least three times, four if your athlete makes it to the finals! Check out the event timeline [HERE]

5. FUN. You as a spectator can expect to have A LOT of fun!

We can’t wait to see you at CrossFit Central Downtown for the 2015 Phoenix.


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