Throw Down Thursday

CrossFit Central Burnet – CrossFit Burnet Rd


A1: Pull-ups (3 x 8 – 12 *Strict *E75s)

*Add Wt if you can

**no bands – work negative

***superset with A2

A2: Handstand Walk (3 x max distance *scale 3 wall walks)

*superset with A1


B: Metcon (Time)

10R/10L Front Rack Lunge 105/75

10 Push Jerk

8R/8L Front Rack Lunge

8 Push Jerk

6R/6L Front Rack Lunge

6 Push Jerk

4R/4L Front Rack Lunge

4 Push Jerk

2R/2L Front Rack Lunge

2 Push jerk
*NO DROPPING bars! Penalty – 5 burpees on the spot!


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