Throwdown Thursday

CrossFit Central Burnet – CrossFit Burnet Rd


A: Pull-ups (get one max set of pullups! any way!)

*if you use a band: scale back the band and go for max set/ if lightest band use no band if you have never tried!

B: Handstand Walk (1 max effort to go as far as possible! )

*up to 5 sets to find your max distance!

**you will do this in place of holds

C: Hand Stand Hold

kick up to the wall for a locked out arm position. Biceps by the ears. hips over shoulder
*if you are not walking on your hands.. go for max HS hold. 3 opportunies to get your max time.


D: Metcon (Time)

800m run

50 BB Thrusters 45

30 Pull ups
*15min cap

Cash OUT

F: Cash Out #2 (Time)

1) 20 cradle sit ups 20/14 x3

2) 50 Russian Twist R/L=2 x 3

3) 5 strict pull ups x 3
*no pullups today for cash out


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