Wodify coming to CrossFit Central

CrossFit Central’s whiteboards are moving into the 21st Century: Introducing Wodify.

Beginning this month (April), you may be noticing a new addition to the gym floor: LCD Screens.

The new technology marks a new frontier in CrossFit Central’s method of displaying the workout of the day on the ‘whiteboard’, as well as a record-keeper for clients like you.

For those not familiar with Wodify, the program is an all-in-one software for CrossFit affiliates to keep track of everything: From athlete accounts, to class attendance, class schedules, waivers, workout programming box-wide leaderboards,  retail, nutrition, mobile notifications and even social media.

Over the course of April, we will gradually be easing you all in to the ‘ropes’ of setting up your personal Wodify account, complete with your own athlete profile, wherein you can keep track of all of your personal stats—from your most recent backsquat PR to your Fran time, your Open WOD performances, or simply your finishing number of rounds from the AMRAP that day. You will also have the opportunity to view who the ‘top leaders’ of the day were—not just in your own class, but gym-wide, both Downtown and Burnet, and have an idea of a new record you want to set if you have a competitive bone in your body.

For those who are not competitive, you can still take advantage of Wodify’s other features. Share your personal feats through Twitter or Facebook. Keep track of your nutrition. Look up a benchmark or Hero workout you’d like to complete on your own on a day that you don’t have class in the workout library. Learn how to complete a movement efficiently with the video library. And stay accountable to YOURSELF for showing up for your workouts by checking in YOURSELF and keeping track of your monthly attendance when you sign into Wodify at the beginning of every class. It’s ALL there.

While it may seem like a bitter sweet loss to be ridding of our traditional whiteboards for the daily WOD, we are excited for the vast features and possibilities Wodify brings to our box for even more unity amongst the community. Keep up and get to know all of your CrossFit brothers and sisters in your ‘second place’ (i.e. second home—the gym).

WOD on.


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